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Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Durner

Head of the Division of Soil Science and Soil Physics
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Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Durner
Institut für Geoökologie
Langer Kamp 19c
38106 Braunschweig
  Phone: 0531/391-5605
Secretary: 0531/391-5606
Fax: 0531/391-5637
E-mail: w.durner

Curriculum vitae Wolfgang Durner has been full Professor of Geoecology and Soil Science at the Institute of Geoecology, Braunschweig Technical University, since April 2001. He directs a research group dedicated to the development and the application of measurement techniques and modeling techniques to describe water and solute transport in the unsaturated zone, to resolve diverse engineering and environmental problems.

Born July 20, 1958, in Neresheim, Baden-Württemberg, he studied Geoecology at the University of Bayreuth and Environmental Sciences at the University of East Anglia, Norwich. He obtained his diploma and his Ph.D. in Geoecology/Hydrology at the University of Bayreuth, and afterward spent a 30-month Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Soil Physics Group of Hannes Flühler at the Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, ETH Zürich. In 1999 he habilitated at the University of Bayreuth and obtained the venia legendi in Hydrology.

Now at TU Braunschweig, he teaches courses in Vadose Zone Hydrology, and focuses his research on the improvement in the understanding, measurement and the modeling of water and solute transport processes in the unsaturated zone. His particular focus lies in the identification of effective processes and parameters for water and solute transport in the unsaturated zone, and in the development of advanced measurement technology and robust inverse methods to determine hydraulic and solute transport parameters.

Wolfgang Durner has participated in numerous national and international scientific committees and commissions, either as a member or chairman, and was/is appointed associate editor of some international journals (Agronomy for Sustainable Development, Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, and American Society of Soil Science Journal). He was involved in early activities to integrate the European soil physics community to the European Geophysical Society (EGS, now EGU), where he served as Secretary of the "Hydrology and Soil Processes" (1997-2000) section and later again as Head of the Subdivision "Vadose Zone Hydrology" (2006-2010). In these positions, he coordinated the scientific symposia in the field of vadose zone hydrology at the General Assemblies of the EGS. He was organizer and co-organizer of various workshops on "Inverse Methods". Currently, he is elected Head of the Kommission 1 (Soil Physics and Soil Hydrology) of the German Soil Science Society. At TU Braunschweig, Wolfgang Durner served as Dean of Students, Managing Director of the Institute of Geoecology, Dean for the Faculty forArchitecture, Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences, and currently acts as Vice President for Teaching and Study Affairs.

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